Empowering Communities, Here’s How PMI Makes Prototype of Temporary Shelter to Lombok Earthquake Victims


Through the concept of Community Empowerment, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) began to initiate Temporary Shelter Prototype (Huntara) to the Lombok earthquake victims who previously still occupied several temporary evacuation tents.

“The construction of this temporary shelter prototype is in response to PMI at the request of the community who expect a more decent and dignified refuge in the transition period of this emergency response,” said the Head of the Central Disaster Management Division, Arifin.

According to him, currently a number of PMI Volunteers who are members of the Shelter Team continue to move towards building temporary shelters that are used as PMI Prototypes with the assistance of all citizens affected by the mutual assistance approach.

“The PMI Shelter Team continues to move, through the formation of community groups and mutual cooperation, as well as through dissemination of dignified residential shelters to affected people,” Arifin added.

In addition, it also distributes carpentry equipment in the form of crowbars, nail levers, shovels, Palu, and carts used by community groups to clean up collapsed buildings in the process of building temporary shelters.

“To the PMI Team, I convey a lot of gratitude and gratitude, being able to rebuild temporary houses from debris wood after the earthquake so that he and his family will no longer occupy temporary tents,” said Sudiarti. Dasantreng, Kayangang is pleased and helped by the development of this temporary shelter by PMI,

Contributor: Atep Maulana