PMI is Trying Hard to Reconnect the Separated Family


LOMBOK – Some of the feeling remains, how the earthquake with 7.0 Magnitude shocked Lombok on last 5 August. On Sunday evening, 19 August 2018, another 6.9 Magnitude earthquake hit the beautiful island of Lombok.

Seeing how big the impact of the earthquake, the Indonesian Red Cross, beside delivering the health service, water & sanitation service and psychosocial support, PMI also delivers the Restoring Family Links (RFL). The purpose of the services is to reunite the family member that was separated as the result of the natural disaster.

Amrin, the coordinator for RFL during this emergency phase in Lombok mentioned that seeing how big the impact of the earthquakes that hit Lombok has caused many people moves from their original home, that’s the reason we activate this service.

“The wide area that was affected from the earthquake, since the location from one village to another is quiet far before the earthquake hits, has caused the family separation. Not knowing how the family condition. Plus the bad condition of the roads and unstable signal, makes the family connections becomes harder. That’s why this service is functioned. To reconnect the separated family” he said.

Amrin continues by saying that this service is not only meant for the Lombok residents. But also to the people from outside of Lombok, should they want to know their family’s condition in Lombok.

“Yesterday there is a family from Majalengka, West Java, who is looking for their family that resides in Lombok. We carried out a tracing according to the given data. We are grateful that we can locate the family and we managed to have them connected by phone,” Amrin add.

“So far we accept 15 inquiries that wants to be reconnected with their family members. Out of 15, there are 11 inquiries that we managed to restore the families’ contact. Most of the inquiries are coming from North Lombok, East Lombok and West Lombok. Up to date, we are still trying to locate the families from the remaining inquiries.” Amrin said.

For those who are looking for the family members in Lombok, can contact the RFL hotline of PMI on +62 859 322 638 45

Reporter : Atep Maulana
Editor : Andreane Tampubolon