Journalist in Sukabumi are taught with Basic Forensic Science by ICRC

Photo By.Andri Akew

Dozens of journalists in Sukabumi were taught with Basic Forensic Science and Disaster Victims Identification (DVI) delivered by National Police Headquarters. Not only a theory, the journalists also got familiarize with the management and how to treat the victims of disaster with dignity.

The speaker is Jacqueline Rodriguez Gonzalez as ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) Regional Forensic Manager for Asia and the Pacific, also Kombes Lisda Cancer from National Police Headquarters.

“In this activity we want to emphasize the importance of having the information of the victim’s identity, the point is how to emphasize the importance of relieving the burden on the victim’s family. Related to that purpose, the journalists have a very important role” said Jacquiline on Saturday (08/25/2018).

She said the most basic forensic difficulties in Indonesia at this time were the lack of knowledge in how to handle of the death bodies of disaster or accident, particularly in collecting or evacuate the bodies.

“Lack of first aid knowledge by responder on how to collect or move the death bodies become obstacles that can be complicated in the process of victims identification, the second is Victims’ property  is deemed not to be an integral part of the identification process,” she said.