Post Earthquake Ambon, PMI Give Psychosocial Support


Maluku – 6.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Ambon, Maluku on Thursday (26/9). The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) provide assistance psychosocial support

Or Psychosocial Support Program (PSP) for refugee children who are victims of the earthquake are scattered in several regions including in the village and the village of Liang Waai Salahutu District of central Maluku district.

“Based on the initial assessment that the refugees are scattered in several locations each one, the majority of children. For that we reach out to them to conduct psychosocial assistance,” said Herry Latuheru, Head of PMI Maluku

According to Herry, in the event it did penjangkauaan the child refugee children by inviting them for a game of disaster preparedness through educational media game that we prepared.

PMI PSP activities aimed at improving the psychosocial well-being of individuals of society, especially children with harapannnya to keep it functioning optimally at the moment of crisis in a disaster situation.

Until now the team Psychosocial support program (PSP) PMI continues to collect data and observations to the refugee children whose condition is now in learning activities Insist earthquake disaster that hit parts of Ambon

“In its activities the PSP team had already conducted various activities to children in the form of fun activities such as drawing together, various competitions, sports activities and sing,” added Herrera.

Added herry currently embarrassment PMI continues to exert a number of its personnel in a bid to service operations earthquake emergency response in the region to coordinate with the local government.

In addition it also has begun distributing relief food items and non-food items to some refugee camps residents who tersebar.bantuan tersebit is support from PMI that has come to help victims of the earthquake in Ambon in Maluku.