Widespread Drought, PMI Sukabumi Distribute Water


Sukabumi – Drought impact that extends to various areas in West Java. Resulted in a number of areas hit by water shortages, one of them in the city of Sukabumi.

 As a result of this prolonged drought led to water sources on which the citizens began to shrink even dried.

Responding to this, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Sukabumi distribute clean water to the population settlements. This step is done to help people who have difficulty in Sukabumi clean water

“With the help of water distribution, is expected to meet citizens’ needs for drinking, cooking, and the purposes of bathing, washing, and toilet (MCK),” said PMI Chairman Sukabumi, Suranto Sumowiryo, who met when reviewing the distribution of water in the district citamiang city Sukabumi.

Based on observations in the field, in the distribution of clean water, in addition to direct review by the chairman of the town of Sukabumi PMI seemed present a number of other officials, heads of headquarters, headquarters staff and volunteers PMI sukabumi.

Suranto explained, the problems clean water shortages this feels very impacted in a number of areas in the city of Sukabumi, as it is precisely in the Village Rw.4 Tipar Kecamat citamiang, and

Rw.03 and complex Koramil Citamiang Gedong Panjang village. A number of citizens willing to queue in order to get clean water from water distribution PMI team Sukabumi.

Suranto added, it has been appealed to the staff to respond to the drought problems that impact to the community would have difficulty getting clean water to meet their daily needs.

Further said, in anticipation of this problem lies the difficulty of clean water side of the vehicle fleet alerting clean water tank which is a center of support PMI, PMI Indomaret through western Java. Meanwhile for the provision of clean water, it was working with the local water company in Sukabumi