PMI Sukabumi Recruit Volunteers For Community Based Disaster Preparedness


The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Sukabumi, West Java form and rekuitmen volunteer community-based disaster preparedness (SIBAT) at the village as one mitigation or prevention of a natural disaster.

“Nowadays PMI is conducting a pilot program Sukabumi earthquake disaster preparedness is a pilot project of PMI in cooperation with the American Red Cross and USAID,” said PMI Chairman of Sukabumi, Suranto Sumowiryo on the sidelines of the socialization of the formation and selection of members of SIBAT in Sukabumi

The program is called Indonesia Earthquake Readiness will run for one year with a focus on Sub Baros. He said, one of a series of this program is the establishment of a volunteer in the community who will play an active role as a motor in disaster risk reduction preparedness.

According to him, this program is a mandate and trust of PMI and donors to run as possible by PMI Sukabumi for future success and sustainability.

The hope through this program, people can be aware of the knowledge and understanding of earthquake disaster preparedness in their respective regions with the aim to minimize the impact of both fatalities and property.

“Basically, this program aims to improve earthquake preparedness in urban communities by improving the knowledge and involvement of individual and community empowerment, minimal in the family environment,” he explained.

Suranto said another important goal is to establish partnerships with various elements and how to encourage stakeholders namely the Government of Sukabumi and others to synergize programs and policies related to kesiapsiaagaan earthquake.

In this activity lasted for two days of 8 and October 9, 2019 with at least 20 members of the public to bring prospective members of the representation of the various elements Sibat. Moreover, on this occasion also attended by the facilitators both of PMI West Java Province, as well as from external BPBDs city of Sukabumi.