PMI Relys on Helicopter to Distribute Assistance in Bogor


Bogor – The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) mobilize two helicopters and one an amphibious vehicle hagglund to distribute aid to aid to isolated locations which currently has not received assistance due to the difficult terrain to reach flood locations in Lebak, Banten and Bogor Regency, West Java.

Yadi Jentak, expert staff of PMI general chairman Jusuf Kalla, who was involved in distribution operation process , said that, based on direction from Mr. Jusuf Kalla, PMI was mobilized to help accelerate the process of handling floods and landslides in Jabodetabek and Banten by maximizing the variety of services.

“Refers to direction of Mr. JK, Hagglund and helicopters have been sent down to help disaster affected communities in areas that are difficult to reach,” said Yadi


Yadi said, the current condition from several locations still difficult to penetrate by road, especially to channel the various needs of aid to the survivors.
According to him one of ways to be ablel to access by air using helicopters to supply various relief goods at this time
“In this air distribution operation PMI deployed the BO-105 Bolcow Helicopter unit which was flown in to help the distribution process for various needs,” said Yadi

PMI was provided relief distribution as follows tarpaulins, mats, food and drinks as well as baby diapers and medicines as is done in the village of Cileuksa
Sukajaya District, Bogor Regency, West Java

As information, based on air monitoring, this location is one of the most difficult routes by land due to landslide points, so various assistance must be dropped by air using a helicopter, especially the position location of the village of Cileuksa is above the hills in the mountains of Halimun Salak

“Based on information compiled from the local babinsa apparatus, in this village there are still around six villages in the hills and have not been touched by happy assistance,” concluded