PMI Distributed Cash based interventions to the Survivor of Central Sulawesi earthquake

(Earthquake victims in central Sulawesi received cash based interventions )

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Central Sulawesi Province (Central Sulawesi) distributes Non-Cash Assistance (CBT) or cash-based interventions (CBI) to people affected by the Earthquake disaster in Central Sulawesi, one of which was carried out in Bantaya Village, Parigi District, Parigi Mautong Regency ( Parimo) Central Sulawesi

PMI Parigi Mautong chairman, Hj Noor Wachidah Prihartini S Buttonotutu said, the non-cash assistance provided was one of PMI’s commitments to affected communities, from the time of the emergency response to the period of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction.

In addition, this is a mandate of the PMI’s main duties and responsibilities to assist the government in handling disasters in Indonesia in accordance with Law No. 1 of 2018 concerning absurdly merahan and carrying out duties based on the 7 principles of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

“We hope that all the people included in the list of beneficiaries will be able to use the assistance from PMI to be able to make the best use of it so that it can restore the economy of all ladies and gentlemen especially those in Bantaya Village.” said the mother who is familiarly called Noor Wachidah

Meanwhile, one of the beneficiaries of Nurdin, a resident of Bantaya Kelurahan admitted that he was very happy and grateful to PMI for the assistance they received in the form of Non-Cash Assistance, because according to him they really needed the assistance to increase the cost of buying equipment and building materials, because according to him, many of their houses were damaged by the disaster 28 September 2018 Yesterday.

BNT PMI Coordinator in Central Sulawesi, Astrid Herlambang said, the humanitarian assistance provided was part of the PMI program in the post-disaster recovery period for people whose homes were severely damaged or lost in the areas of Palu, Sigi, Donggala, and Parimo.

For Parimo Regency, according to him, it is the first regency in the affected area to do the distribution of BNT PMI Assistance with a total of beneficiaries targeting 143 families consisting of Bantaya 85 families, Dolago 31 families, and ascetics as many as 27 families.

“The PMI Non-Cash Assistance that we distribute is expected to help the community to be more independent in the recovery period such as now, so that people’s lives can recover as they were before the disaster or even better” he added.

Furthermore, Astrid said that before distribution they had already coordinated with the local village government for the validation process of their data which would later be the basis for determining beneficiaries based on the main criteria and priorities.

“In the future after Parimo Regency, PMI will also continue to distribute this non-cash assistance in Sigi, Donggala and Palu City until the end of February,” concluded Astrid